Courage: Graham Carter - Performance Coach and Adventure Specialist, From Here To There

I read a Facebook post this morning on courage. It takes courage to do lots of things in life but it also takes courage to sometimes not do or change something. Being courageous can be hard. Being courageous can be planned as well as spontaneous. Being courageous is sometimes not a simple or easy option. Being courageous can feel lonely but being courageous can be exciting and hugely rewarding. It is an essential part of being human and does take skill and practice. If you feel you sometimes lack the courage to be courageous then just remember, you are the one who controls how you feel, and you alone are the one who makes the decisions about what you do and what you say - or don't do or say. Don't beat yourself up if things do not go to plan or work out the way you hoped. Use it as a springboard and next time be brave and dive in at the deep end. Graham