Journeys and Destination: Graham Carter - Performance Coach and Adventure Specialist, From Here To There

I once read 'life is a journey, not a destination' and initially felt this was so true. However as time moved on and I began to experience the richness and variety of life I began to see this in a slightly different way.

Life is in many ways a destination. Without being morbid, this destination is our own death and the journey is life and living. However in life, we undertake many different journeys, each with a different destination. For example, our journey through education, our journey to getting married, our career journey.

So life in actual fact is a series of journeys with many different destinations.

This is the philosophy that 'From Here To There' is borne out of. We start here and decide on a goal (a destination); we undertake a series of actions to achieve the goal (our journey); when we achieve the goal we are there; however once there we are also here at the start of the next adventure to decide a new destination and embark on a new journey.

So, now is the time to embrace life and living. Now is the time to decide what you want your destinations to be and now is the time to undertake some exciting journeys.

From Here To There will help you do exactly that. So don't hesitate, email me and together we can go on an exciting adventure.