Welcome to my Blog!

My first blog post? Well actually it is not.  I have run blogs on and off for quite a few years but never published them.  So technically this is my first proper one!  I aim to keep them short and sweet, no more than 300 words (so I have about 250 left). If you ever pass me when I am driving to work, I am easy to spot. I will be the one chatting away to myself, laughing and smiling at my waffling’s. And yes that is exactly what it is, my regular ‘Waffle to Work’ where I set up the video on my smart phone, hit record and then leave the drive way.   Not brave enough to publish these yet on You Tube but never say never! So here it is, my words of deep contemplation and reflection for today. As a Buddhist I follow the idea of the wheel of life – you are born, you live, you die, you are reborn and so on until you escape this and achieve Enlightenment. And today as I type I am reflecting on the mini cycles in our every day lives. We get stuck in our ways, we develop habits and habitual responses. We become blinkered and stop ‘smelling the bread’. What we need to do is to step back outside of the bread shop, take a little time to reflect and breathe some fresh clean air – and if you want to go back in then great. But maybe, just maybe you might choose a different shop! Or even not a shop at all.....the options are very exciting and very many. So today I will leave you to ponder on your own bread shops, and fill your lungs with some wonderful and fresh air and to seek out new, different and better ways to live and choices to make. Have a wonderful day! Big love Graham (18 words over!)