For me discovery is finding out, uncovering or learning.  We discover things when we are not looking and they come as a surprise.  We discover things when we are looking but the discovery is not perhaps what we were expecting to find.

In life we sometimes feel a sense of being unsettled, of something missing or not quite right.  These 'tugs' are our subconscious trying to give us a clear and often important message.  Sadly in our busy and full on lives we often ignore these messages, and so nothing changes.  As the saying goes, 'do what you have always done and get what you have always got!'

Well, it does not have to be so!  Now is the time to do something different and get a different result.

Join me for a 'Journey of Personal Discovery' and together we will head out into nature for a walk in the woods, by a river or along a sea shore, or perhaps venturing out in an open canoe.  As you leave behind the noise and distraction of modern day living your pace will slow and begin to match with the natural rhythm of your new environment.  With a sense of freedom and a feeling of connection you can now begin to listen to your body and mind and to the messages or 'tugs' which have been trying to be heard.

On your journey you will reflect and explore what your values are, what makes you happy or what success means.  You will begin to recognise what pushes your buttons, what you fear or causes worry and anxiety.  You will begin to understand your areas of strength and areas for development.  

At the end of your journey you will have a renewed sense of who you are.  You will have found out, uncovered and learnt more about your place in the world, and you will have a plan!  You will know what your next moves are in order to fully embrace life and living.

Your  journey can be anything from one hour, to a half or a full day. Call or email me to start your journey.

Life is about to get a whole lot more exciting.