I help talented and successful men who are in senior leadership roles, who perhaps have hit a bit of a brick wall and lost their sparkle, or maybe highly frustrated, stressed and facing burn out. I help them to transform their mindset, to discover what is really important and then to develop the skills needed in order to live a life of peak performance!

You may know someone whom this resonates with!

This was me and my story is one of huge talent and success, but shying away from the limelight and in so doing selling myself short. But even trying to not be the best I often was, and so quick and significant promotions came my way...and with it stress, anxiety and burn out! Fortunately, I have dedicated over 20 years to studying human behaviour, interaction and communication, and spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, and have a background in health, fitness and well being. I was able to coach myself through a lot of this, however, having my own coach was the difference that made the difference. I still do have my own coaches, because coaching produces powerful conversations, insight and significant breakthrough. Coaching is life changing.

My New YOU Coaching Programme is a high commitment, high energy 7 week programme that will take you on an exciting journey from where ever you are today to the place you want to be, to a place of peace and contentment.


Email me: graham@fromheretothere.org.uk