Over many years, I have worked with so many different people from so many different backgrounds. I like to surround myself with exciting people who are motivated and want to achieve great things in life.  And quite possibly what bought you here is not this.  My belief though it that where ever you are today, if you are reading this then you already have the desire and motivation to make a start on being as great as you can.

I have worked extensively with young people, especially teenagers facing challenging times, parents, families and teachers and those involved in education.  But I have also worked with leaders, with health care and social care professionals, with people in business and with people who are simply just finding themselves in a state of change and flux.

Where ever you are today, take a little time to reflect on whether you are actually living the life you want?  I truely hope that you are (and you will be one of the very lucky few).  If not then I look forward to hearing from you and am excited about working with you to achieve your greatest dreams