Graham Carter.
The Other Man In Your Life.


Who is Graham Carter?

British educationalist, micro adventure specialist and life coach Graham Carter is known globally and affectionally as The Other Man in Your Life.

Having spent over two decades working in a female dominated workplace and described as having a safe presence in which it is easy to open up and talk, he now helps busy professional women get behind their thinking, overcome feelings of self-doubt and rediscover the joys of living.

As the founder and owner of From Here To There, Graham takes his clients on a life changing Journey of Personal Discovery, Development and Performance. He will literally take you ‘From Here To There’. HERE is a place of Honest, Exploration, Reflection and Evaluation. THERE being a place where you are Thriving, Happy and Healthy, Evolving, Realising and one where you are living and Exciting and Exceptional life.

What people say.

Graham is an amazing professional in Life coaching and creating the right mindset for calmness that fosters individual’s growth and success. He is kind hearted and doesn't stop at anything until he achieves his objectives
Aswani D
Graham is a great life coach. He voluntarily interacts with a lot of people who are motivated, yet lack the proper guidance to go ahead with their ideas. He takes time to understand people and their challenges to find the best possible solution for them. He always approaches people with a transformational mindset, loves to transform ideas into successes for his friends and clients altogether. He has always been a great motivational factor for me.
Praveen K-D